Published Articles

 A beautiful September day, mountain biking the Underdown trails in northern Wisconsin.

A beautiful September day, mountain biking the Underdown trails in northern Wisconsin.

The following articles have been published in print nationally or internationally in recent years:

Science (Indeed, the World) Needs Fewer, Not More, Icons.

Editing the Human Germline: Groundbreaking Science and Mind-numbing Sentiment.

The Delectable Myths of Healthy and Healthier Obesity.

Obesity: “Fat Chance” or Failure of Sincerity?

Dog Behavior: Beneath the Veneer of ‘Man’s Best Friend.’

CRISPR-Cas9: Not Just Another Scientific Revolution (Special Report).

Biological Race and the Problem of Human Diversity (Cover Article).

An Evolutionary Perspective on Religious Violence.

Diet-Heart: A Hypothesis in Crisis? (Cover Article).

Religion and Violence: A Conceptual, Evolutionary, and Data-Driven Approach (Cover Article).

What Next for Gay Marriage?

The Evolution of Primate Altruism.

Why Gay and Lesbian: A New Epigenetic Explanation.

An Evolutionary and Functional Perspective on Chronic Disease (Cover Article).

The Uncomfortable Science of Athletic Achievement.

Science Writers Gone Wild?

Religion On Politics On Science: The Rough Ride for Stem Cells Continues.

Taking Our Medicine: What Hope For Skepticism In Healthcare?

Scientists: High Time for Medicine to Adapt to Evolution.

In Vitro Meat: An Imminent Revolution in Food Production?

Obesity: What Does the Evidence Say (Or Not Say)?

Obesity Redux: A Response to the Readers.

Saving Us From Sweets: This Is Science and Government on Sugar.

Childhood Obesity, Fast Food, and the Overstuffed Elephant in the Room.

Time to Appreciate Evolutionary Thinking? Fat Chance (An Evolutionary Perspective on Obesity).

Gender Personality Differences: Planets or P.O. Boxes, Evidence or Ideology?

Women and High-End Science: Nurture or Nature, Prejudice or Preference?

Innate Morality: Human Babies Weigh In.

Abortion’s Still-Unanswered Questions.

New Life for Human (Therapeutic) Cloning? Whence Come the Eggs?

Change We Can Believe In: “Race” and Continuing Evolution in the Human Genome.

When Faith Kills: Christian Faith Healing vs. Medical Science.

Human Evolution: Winners and Losers Selected.

Public Sector Collective Bargaining, Teachers Unions, and the Future of Education in America.

The Question of Public Sector Collective Bargaining and Teachers Unions.

The Effect of Teachers Unions on Student Performance.

Editorial: All Free Speech Should be Celebrated, Not Just Tolerated.

Life After JCVI-syn1.0: ‘New’ Adventures in Media Coverage, Politics, National Security, and—Oh, Yes—The Promise of Synthetic Biology.

Pathology or Paradigm Shift: Human Evolution, Ad Hominem Science, and the Amazing Hobbits of Flores, Indonesia (Cover Article).

Startling Reflections in the Neanderthal Genome.

The Amazing Ardipithecus Ramidus.

Lazy (But Nevertheless Mildly Enriching) Pleasures: Twain, Buckley, and Weinberg.

Mind Over Metaphor: This Is Your Brain on Figurative Language.

How Deep Is Your Love? Human Morality and the Question of Altruism Among Non-Human Primates.

Prosocial Maintenance in the Age of Religious Decline.



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